Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dave Tuck Memorial jam

 Billy signing the poster from the last Camtest. 

 Parris and Shane doing the same as well

 Geoff gets his slarsh on for Tuck 

 Billy Blasting a Fs Air 

Lance made this rad tile hours before the session kicked off! After the moment of loudness at 4:20 the session just went off from there! 
  Andy Mac Madonna

 Andy Mac and Cam doing doubles 

Jeff Wastell Invert 

 Andy Mac Invert 

 Andy Mac Fs Fastplant

 Why not just do it Switch too...

Cam throws down a nice Fs Air

Words can't describe what an amazing person Tuck was, the energy this session put off was the heaviest thing I have ever witnessed, GET BUCK FOR TUCK. TUCK LOVE.TUCK ARMY. ARVADA ARMY. 

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