Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Here is the Nightmare at Northside 2014 edit I filmed and Edited. Enjoy the holiday!

Friday, October 24, 2014

I recently had the opportunity to film and edit a montage for Team Pain Skateparks at the their newest creation.. Breckenridge Colorado just might be the best park in the state now... Cheers Colorado 

Friday, October 17, 2014


 Night time adventures are PRIME right now..

 Mudgett last minute Lipslide before he took off to Portland, hope that ankles feeling better player!

 Xavier is out of the half way house and well.. HES STOKED! Stalefish

 Harbour getting his Pirate on

 Dana taking the nosepick to the flat..

 Manzanares destruction in Milliken. Nosepick

 Boneless Blast 

 Hip blaster in the dick bowl


 High Park Fire Aftermath 2 years later

 Went on a fun street mission in Arvada with J, Dana, Kyle, and Parris

 Denver DIY

 Coose Eggplant

 Chuck Stale

 Coose Andrect on the hip

 Denver riverfront

 Back to these two, Frontal at Tucks with Chuck

 Zach Boneless

 Sivan has got them BS airs real good now

Alrighty yall, One week till the best jam of the year!!! CANT WAIT! 

SLAPPY SLALOM!!! and an AFTER PARTY at MY FAVORITE..The Bad Egg. This is a weekend not to be missed!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014


 Rump Lien To Tail

 Jaeson Madonna

 Some greasy news for Tsedeq recently! Congrats my friend! 

 Xavier gets out of the half way house in a day.. so hyped for him. Tuck knee

 Hit the road with Dana for a day trip to Fairplay and Breck, the colors were poppin at Dana's 

 The only Sad moment Dana had on our trip

 Some crazy rainbow action above the vert bowl in Breck

 This flow course is AMAZING! If all goes right this park should be open by mid October so if you get a chance to hit it before the SNOW does, i would GO

 Harbour was in town for a hot minute. Crail block to Fakie for Skidmarkmag

 Mudgett leaping as usual

 Another one..

 Theres a new rail in town, and Nutter has already stacked 4 Tricks on it... Fs Board

 Dana learned the one foot inverts within minutes the other day...

Well with all these ftc kids getting hooked up this kid has been begging to get on some sort of hookup.. 
"My Name Is Lucifer Please Take My Hand..."