Monday, April 29, 2013

Thaiside's coming along

 Xavier hits a tailslide on the stoop bank while the pool coping sets on the quarter.

Gonna bondo the bottom and this thing is ready to go by Tuesday

SundayFunday: Roxbourough and Arvada's


 Jaeson started the day off right, best nosegrind i've ever seen him put down, so tweaked, so clean.

 Turtle started the day off on a bad note by smacking his face rolling in, didn't stop Turtle from charging it though.

 Xavier up in the clouds with the fs air

 Jaeson's daily Madonna photo

 Turtle Boneless

 Jaeson Fs Boneless 

 Just on a rampage.. Heel Monster 


 We caught the evening session at baby Arvada, super fun park for it's size 

 Jaeson fs Crail to tail 

 Xavier smashing backside d's 

Backside Melon

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jaeson Ollie Hello Kitty Wall Lafayette

More randoms from CSU

 Jaeson FS Boardslide 

 So you can skate weekdays after 5 and all day weekends??

 This thing...

 Is gnar...

 Nutter Ollie 

 Jaeson Ollie