Monday, September 22, 2014


 Starting it off where I left off.. Mudgett Snappin an Ollie downtown

 Lee, Tommy, and I decided to go check out Breck and hit a fairplay/camp mission while we were at it, it was pretty much snowing in Fort Collins when we were leaving, we hit 285 and the drive was insane, fog, snow, rain, sunshine...

 Got to the park at Golden Hour, ran into Storm who was crushing. Body Jar


 We set up camp, got tunes and dinner rolling, shit was killing

 I turned around and witnessed a very orange moon rise

 Then shot this before the moon took away some stars..

 Woke up to this, awesome for the first couple hours, then it got wet :)

 We headed into town around 7 am, everything was shut down except for the place we got bfast. So i walked around the ghost town for a while 

 Stick em up... park was drying and so was my tent

 After the park we hit Johns, had an amazing time, i think Lee fit right in...

 Mute block

 Tommy smithing away the day

 Met up with Team Pain between pass's in Breck.. Josh and Jack

 Only have a few photo's to share, but here is the flow bowl, very fun, there is a reeally fun Pool next to it...

 The Snake

 I think Berry had something to do with this awesomeness ;)

 This thing will be a skateable obstacle.. behind this there is the biggest flow bowl i think Colorado has to offer..this park is off the charts

 Trees between Breck and Fairplay

 Geoff Pivot in a not so easy spot at Dana's

 Hardest I have ever seen Lee work for a crail block...
That trip was insane, 24 hours of nothing but good times..

 Got back the next day and I don't know what Dana was smokin but...

 Crail skidder

 Water... fuck it.. Madonna by Jaeson

 Dana fs invert in Loveland

 I shot some long eposures of the sunset at Norte in three different places..

 Jaeson Melon blast 

 Jaeson Nosepickin

Shot this photo in March that landed in Lowcard Issue 52, Tsedeq just learned this trick that day and took right off the pillar, bs slob...

Till next time...CHEEEEYEEEERSS

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Skateboarding, Loveland, All Hands On Deck, and Skateboarding

 Turtle pipe slash as seen in Lowcardmag Issue Number 52

 Strom floats over the volcano

 Screw the bump, just go from flat. Tsedeq

 Water chillin with Wrex

 Jaeson Bs Smith

 Xavier rocket blockin'

 Xavier judo block as seen in All Hands On Deck 3

 Dana slobin' at Jerry's

 Street J

 Wrex bs air Jerry's new vagina door

 I had the opportunity to work with Team Pain on the Loveland skatepark for the last pours, this place turned out A+

 Lance is a wizard at this shit, thanks for being so rad

 One more day...

 Over 80 yards in two days...

 Sivan 50 pull in to celebrate being done with Loveland

 Dana bs fasplant in the dirty d

 One of my photos for the All Hands On Deck fundraiser for Launch

 It was a fun night, huge turnout, didnt take much photos

 Dana frontal on the pillar

 Serious Sivan

 Went on a fun mission with Mudgett and Sessions

 Hops, 5050

To Be Continued..

The blog will always be going, sometimes it is hard for me to find to time to update so from here on out you will be finding posts every week or every other, Thank you all for the constant stoke and support. FTCKILLS...