Wednesday, March 27, 2013

From Northside to Spring Canyon

 Nutter's is one of the homies that is up visiting from New Hampshire. stoked to have more rad people to skate with! Kids got a mean heelflip!

 Raphael, Geoff ,and Rachel came up to skate... This kid has some talent! Such good style and so fun to watch! Tailblock 

 Geoff FS Rock 

 Xavier Fs Air

 Tsedeq ollie into bank
 Next was spring canyon... Xavier warms it up on his second run

 Kieth also warming it up with a fs air on a tough wall! 

 Xavier BS Melon to D

 Xavier fs feeble 

 As the sun was setting Xavier got the fakie crooks back ro regular over the stairs 

 Bills' dog Indy is always hyped! 

Pools, Buds, Dogs, Good people...another awesome day!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Escaping the Snow with Jaeson

 Learned this one in a couple tries, blunt pull in to fakie

 Blasting and smashing crail disasters 

 Frontside Ollie 

Backside Air

Launch DIY Build Your Own Skateboard Workshop

 I was super excited do the workshop! already had a shape planned out and everything, this was a board Tim Mott gave me a while back, it broke on a disaster so i decided to bring it back to life! 
 Its really an amazing thing what Andy has going here, within 4 to 5 hours kids are walking out with they're own shaped skateboard gripped and ready to ride, his next one will be in June so keep your ears peeled and sign up! 

 Drawing on a template to create the shape, here you can make your board how ever you want, width, length, wheelbase, nose length, etc.

 Time to cut! (mine on left, Jaeson's on right)

 Scott came and volunteered to make things go faster! 

 And so did Turtle! 

 After its cut out you want to file it down to get a nice round edge or you can make it how ever you want really, then you sandpaper it down to make it nice and smooth!

 the energy is rad! everyone is stoked to build theyre own skateboards! who wouldn't be!?
People from all age groups are excited for this! 

 Next was graphics and i decided to stain mine

 There was tons of rad shapes and stains people did, wish i could have gotten a pic of them all! 

 Noah's shape was rad, he later went home to finish his graphic 

 Always good to see Wade! 

 Jaeson went for an old Gonz Vision shape and got pretty dang close! 

Stoked to skate it! Can't wait for tail blocks! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colorado Springs (Round 2)

 Well theres so much to skate in Colorado Springs we had to go back, Geoff hit me up and we filled his car up and charged it down there!

 Jesse warming up with a nice frontside pivot 

 Style for days, Jesse backside Crailblock the shallow end 

 Geoff usually has to find one of the gnarliest walls to do a smith grind on 

 Turner air 

 We went on a good day cause Josh Kj happened to be up in Springs as well, charging frontside 50s

 Josh Boardslide the steps 

 Josh killed it with this Frontside Fastplant!

 Jaeson had one trick in mind for the pool that day and it was this backside crail over the seat

 Well we actually skated other things besides the pool this time... Jaeson corner grinds 

 Jaeson Madonna
 Always a good time skating with Jozy, me and him were on the same page all day, take a run, then run to get the camera, we love our lives. 

 No bad vibes up here today

 Padless. Proper. and 5 bucks. Jaeson's got it all right here with the frontside Nosepick 

 Our next stop before the sun went down was Chris Berry's crazy backyard gem, this thing is soooo fast! barely any flat in the shallow with a GNARLY waterfall to a nice 10 foot deep end makes this thing so awesome! Thanks for letting us skate while your working your ass off in Florida Chris! 

 The tiles are creative with a mountain skyline across the whole bowl

 You know your walking up to something good when you have a pool coping pathway..

 Jaeson 50

 Jaeson FS Air 

 Geoff doesnt need a deck to deck out his frontside rock

 Geoff texas plant 

This thing was amazing, we went back and skated the park under the lights for a couple more hours and made the trip back, always worth the long drive to springs when you have such epic things to skate.