Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jaeson kills everything

 Don't you love it when you have shit on your lens and you don't figure it out till you upload the photo? Oh well J kills... BS Smith over the hip of the pillar

 Lake Norte goes strong this time of year, J finds the line to grind over the lake 

 FS Melon Water Way 

BS Tail Slide

Monday, May 27, 2013

Camtest wasnt the only thing that happened this weekend...

 We came up on Friday night to beat the traffic, very wise decision since we got to get the early bird session on here before it gets torn down, Xavier has no problem with a BS smith in the early morning 

 Kieth got the hurricane! 

 Jaeson flash and roll

 After King of the Snake we went and stayed the night on Jerry's ramp, Thanks so much Jerry! 

wish we could have gotten Xavier and Jaeson into the show after, but oh well, messing with some long exposure for the first time... its FUN!

 We woke up the next moring sleeping on transitions ready to ride them, jaeson was crushing at 8 in the morning...madonna

 Air to D


 Kieth also slayed all weekend! lein air 

 Tsedeq joined us for the night at jerry's, slept on his skateboard for a pillow, kid rips 

 Jaeson was blasting!!!

 we stopped at Wheat Ridge for a quick session after so Winchell's, Jaeson Noseblunt

 Then we went to meet up with Peacock and some of the Lifeblood dudes for some spots, Xavier crushing a BS smith

 Mason Merlino ripped all weekend, this Front Blunt is no joke

 After that we took a mile journey to this thing...

 Couldnt keep it dry though... Cat litter helps stop the stream for a while usually, this time it was too fast..hopefully next time.

 After that it was time for Jerry's Annual Memorial Jam, shit got buck, LBR!!!!

 Steven Reeves goes very fast and has an amzing bag of tricks, not to mention he is super down to earth and stoked on everything. 

 Riley Stevens dodging kids for Front D's 

 this is a ass shot to max but i dont give a shit! Robbie Russo destroys! 

 Riley was supert stoked on Colorado, thanks for coming up San Pedro rippers! 

 Watching Science skate jerry's was the gnarliest shit ive ever seen, Dump Truck...

 Jaeson did the FS Fastplant like 5 times... Killed it all weekend! 

Oscar Navarro Gray Slide. The weekend was so nuts, met so many rad people and got to see all the best denver heads... I cant wait for next year!

King Of The Snake / Camtest

 Saturday was the annual Camtest: Dave Tuck Invitational King Of The Snake run, the amount of shredding that went down is insane. Camtest raised over 11 K for Dave Tuck through this event, you cant thank Cam and everyone else that involved enough, this was the raddest thing Colorado has ever been a part of. Xavier started it off early in the hanger replica...

 I was super excited Xavier and Jaeson were there to represent the FTC crew, they ripped so hard all weekend, non stop smiles and good times is what its all about, and that all there was...

 There was so much stuff for sale to help raise money for Tuck, my favorite idea was Tim and Matt's one of a kind painted coping blocks

 great to see Joe Storm out representing the Florida rippers...

 Alright i really apologize for the lack of variety in my photos from the contest, once i was on the deck with the fisheye on i never had a chance to switch it out. Chris Russell was a super rad kid, only 16 and mashing with the Typical Culture crew, Fs Boneless

 This dudes name was Kyle, he came up from Cali and ripped so hard, crazy style points on everything

 Chris Russell FS Smith
 Dalton Dern FS Nosegrind pull in, this kid ripped so hard

 Riley Stevens up representing the San Pedro crew, kid was so hyped on life and crushed everything 

 Got a little too close to Josh Borden's Nosegrind...

 Didnt know this kids name, ripping though 

 Hevy line up at the Judge stand, Ash, Parts, Whiskey T, James, Chet, and Rhino holding it down all day! 

 Watching Science skate for the first time was mind blowing, pretty much my favorite guy to watch all weekend, boneless in from the deck...

 Meeting Mike Rogers was a huge inspiration, dude has survived Cancer twice and is still Grinding For Life! Thanks for everything you do for skateboarding Mike 

 My favorite ripper of all time, LBR

 Robbie Russo in the house! always fun to watch! 

 Dalton Dern BS Air 

 The energy on the deck was insane, i gotta admit i felt intimidated taking photos next to Bryce, Rhino, and Peacock but every single of them were down to earth and chill, hell Bryce even complemented me on my blog, so stoked! 
 Watching Jaeson and Xavier skating in the Pro division was insane, they were up against all the big names, and held it down for FTC! You two rule! 

 Andy Mac blasting...

 Ben Johnson was also up with the Typical Culture crew, super nice dude 

 Joe Storm killing all day, FS Invert 

 I love watching Chris Gregson, Fs Flip in a 13 foot deepend 

 Josh Borden was just crazy to watch..

 Danny "Skelator" Tumia was up with the Protland crew ripping! Half cab to 50, he also won the Cockfight Manslam award...

 Keven Kowalski showed up and killed as usual, Air to D

 Here is the King of the Snake himself, Josh Borden FS Nosegrind, he definitely deserved 1st place 
 Andy Mac once again...

 Otto was holding it down for the Colorado scene, to be honest he was one of my favorites to watch

 Kevin Kowalski Stalefish 

 Kowalski Crail Madonna 

 Kowalski 50 fakie

 Xavier made it to the final 10 for the 20 minute Deathmatch! he was up against huge names like Andy Mac, Kevin Kowalski, ETC... and straight killed... FS Lipslide 

 Chris Gregson clicking his seatbelt

 Andy Mac got 2nd... Front Blunts for days!!!

 Dalton Dern got third, ripped all day, FS Melon

Oscar Navarro came up with the San Pedro rippers, this Maddona was huge, the Camtest was the craziest thing i have ever witnessed, thanks to all that made it up and made it happen! GET BUCK FOR TUCK!