Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ditchin' with Xavier!

 This ditch is indescribably GNAR. Getting up to the lip is an accomplishment. We cleaned up a tiny section to see if anything could go down...
 Which it did within minutes... Xavier Bs Nosepick 

 This just baffled me how high he could get out of this crusty thing
Another angle...

Today was SICK

 Started my day off by going over to see what Sean Kelly has started in his yard... this is only the begining i guess.. STOKED!

 Broken hands 

 Later we went and did some rain dodging. Jaeson Indy Lafayette 

 The sky was so sick...

 Jaeson fs Air 

 Fs Boneless 

 Madonna over the hip 

Lighting strikes light up the sky after the lights go out in Arvada 
Another great day

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things have been getting gnarly, footage has been geting stacked

 Started the day off downtown the Hayden and Peyton, next thing you know im on the south end with Jaeson and Dana, we hit a lot of spot, this being one of them...

 Dana Fs Smith moments before breaking his truck

 Then he just borrowed my board at the full pipe for this Bs Ollie 

Everytime Jaeson comes here does something thats never been done, this crail was INSANE, The pipes are always hard to get a photo right in, im stoked how this turned out 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Some other photos from the weekend

 Jess Mudgett can ollie as you can see 

 Xavier Nosepick 

 Pivot fakie 

 This was the last time I will be skating with Kyle for a while, he is moving to Portland Sunday, more reason to go visit! 
Fs Sweeper

 Fs Air 

 Some crazy front yard 

 Sivan will be coming out with a full online part sometime soon, as long as he stops slamming...

 "Officer Gary"

I Love night missions, and all day missions for that matter!

Dave Tuck Memorial jam

 Billy signing the poster from the last Camtest. 

 Parris and Shane doing the same as well

 Geoff gets his slarsh on for Tuck 

 Billy Blasting a Fs Air 

Lance made this rad tile hours before the session kicked off! After the moment of loudness at 4:20 the session just went off from there! 
  Andy Mac Madonna

 Andy Mac and Cam doing doubles 

Jeff Wastell Invert 

 Andy Mac Invert 

 Andy Mac Fs Fastplant

 Why not just do it Switch too...

Cam throws down a nice Fs Air

Words can't describe what an amazing person Tuck was, the energy this session put off was the heaviest thing I have ever witnessed, GET BUCK FOR TUCK. TUCK LOVE.TUCK ARMY. ARVADA ARMY. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Josh KJ's Farewell From FTC

This was fun too film Josh, best of luck to you out in Montana Dude!

Mudgett getting his hop on...

 Mudgett hit me up wanting to go shoot a photo over this rail. This thing was HUGE, if anyone could do it, Mudgett would be the man for the job, it took him a bit to get it so you know it was gnarly.

The final outcome... Mudgett leaves to go back to Portland Sunday, Great Times with this kid as always!

Throwback... Josh Slobplant (Full Josh Part dropping in a couple days)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Colorado Springs... KOTC???

 We mobbed up to Colorado Springs early, we decided just to stick to the number one rule of KOTC and have fun, we didnt look at the book and we just went and skated tons of rad spots and had an awesome time at the park. 
Hayden Blasting an ollie down this fun bump going down a hill

 Heres the front end... Hayden has been killing it lately

 this thing wasnt happening.. 

 Jaeson warms up with ollie's over the steps 

 Chris Berry gave us some directions to some new DIY thing going on and it is friggin epic! 

We ended up back at the park under the lights for an hour before getting rained out, so much footy got stacked up today for everyone! 
Jaeson Nosebone