Sunday, August 11, 2013

Colorado Springs... KOTC???

 We mobbed up to Colorado Springs early, we decided just to stick to the number one rule of KOTC and have fun, we didnt look at the book and we just went and skated tons of rad spots and had an awesome time at the park. 
Hayden Blasting an ollie down this fun bump going down a hill

 Heres the front end... Hayden has been killing it lately

 this thing wasnt happening.. 

 Jaeson warms up with ollie's over the steps 

 Chris Berry gave us some directions to some new DIY thing going on and it is friggin epic! 

We ended up back at the park under the lights for an hour before getting rained out, so much footy got stacked up today for everyone! 
Jaeson Nosebone

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