Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Storm Invert

Proof that they can ride them just as good as they can build them. Skateboarder's building skateparks... it makes that much sense 

Sivan Bs Smith

Some how in yesterdays heat Sivan found the energy after a long work day to smash through this bs smith over the stairs. Thanks for all the hard work Team Pain, this park is already amazing!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Edora Montage Coming This Week... Dana Bs Nosegrind

The Many Lifestyles In The Fort

 Rump and his Tuna


 Probably the only time i will see Sivan drink PBR

Who wouldnt want to eat this kids chips and salsa hahaha

Feel Better Xavier!

Xavier took a gnar slam to the head yesterday, before it happened he was RIPPING of course. Tuck Knee. Feel better X love ya!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thank You Team Pain

 Jack shooting the snake run

 Joe, James, and Jack

 John and Sivan up on top

 Shaping the snake

Wait till you see what Chris Berry is doing with this feature.. TREE ROOOOUUUT!
Jack covered in over spray after a long day of shooting 

Sivan Bs Air

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Final Day Ten and Two/ Jaeson's Bday

 We woke before the sun was rising, and started the hike in to the beast.

 I think everyone was blown away

 What a crew, even though a couple are missing...

 The escape

 Albright and Joe take the view in

 Peyton got the highest in the fullpipe... in his dreams. Sleep when your dead kiddos

 Camp was too sick!!!

 Beers and Bowls were a must after the epicness

 Beer and fivebucks for Joe

 Birthday Boy Crashed

Such a flawless operation, been meaning to do it for years and it finally came true. Thanks to everyone that made this trip happen, time for the next one!