Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New YEAR

Happy New Year Everyone! I know its been a while since I updated this ol site, life has been busy and fun although the winter has taken full affect recently. but that isn't stopping the indoor fun and shovel parties. Here are about 30 photo's from the past three months or so. Time to grind in that new year!

Turtle layin one back at Launch

 Xavier flying high than most in Wheat Ridge 

 Christmas Eve treated us well in Arvada, Jaeson has been slaying harder than ever thats for sure. Sal flip in the 13 foot monster 

 Winter hasn't really slowed this guy down either, Half Cab Tuck Knee transfer 

 Hayden first try snaps

 This was a fun one to witness, Dana carve to fakie dodging death more than once

 Thanksgiving Judo's. Daner

 Fastplant fakie Milliken

 Stale Pop Tart

 Frontal in the hanger. Dana killing it so hard lately

 Tsedeq Crooks Fakie! Thats a dewsey!

 Sivan recently started repping for his good ol' buddy Mark Lake! maybe you have heard of him? If not then you are missing out on one vert's biggest legends ever. Lake Skateboards will be available at skateshops all around Colorado soon, but now you can find em' at MRKT! I dare someone to get that Nightmare board! 
Texas Plant

 Tsedeq one footed good buddy

 Switch Fs Rock

 This photo is one of personal favorites, Xavier is wonder to shoot 

 Sivan Wallride Nollie 

 Jaeson Madonna to PIVOT

 Judo to pivot!

 Chritmas Lights. Denver Botanicals

 Tsedeq not fucking around here.. FS ollie 

 Ditch Party

 Rump Tailblock 

 This was a weird one to shoot, Xavier blasts a bs ollies over the holes 

 Dana fs air over the stairs

 Christian Albright Bs Smith

 Dana Wallbash 

Nutter Nosegrind pull in

Big thanks to everyone who made 2014 an amazing year. 2015 is gonna be insane!