Friday, August 2, 2013

Northglenn and Mike Peter's Backyard

 We went down to Northglenn to meet up with Gary and Kyle... Gary Fs over the hip

 Kyle Blasting Crails 

 Next we went over to Mike Peters Backyard Paradise... The Clover is so fucking fast and fun! The Coping barks so you know your grinding and has a hefty amount of reveal, SO GOOD! 

 Next too it was the raddest shallow end plus bank to curb slappy! 

 Keith Rock and Roll on a Gnarly Hip! 

 Ofcourse Troy took the boardslide over that very hip cause he's gnarly like that! 

Jaeson blasting airs and stacking clips all day...

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  1. Such a great day! This thing got DESTROYED. FTC KILLS EVERYTHING!