Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh ya this happened too

 Jaeson kills the pipes 

 Not the first time Jaeson's grinding down this thing...


Tyler Killing Spree

 I wish i could have gotten a better flick of this bs nosegrind, it was so flawless...

 BS Smith
Then he took the nosegrind to the 9 and stuck it perfect!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gunnison and Buena Vista (Day 2)

 We got to camp in Gunnison right as the sun was setting and the super moon was rising, we camped at this rad place 2 minutes outside of town called Hartman Rocks, the place was so sick! 

 It was fun hiking around the rocks and taking different long exposures

 Morning got even better 

 Everyone chilling on the top, Pat rigged up some crazy thing with his Hammock

 Carleigh climbing rocks

 Then we took a hike up to the rock you see in the distance 

 You could see the whole town from it...

 And our campsite...

 Morning jam session to stoke everyone up! 

 Jaeson's way of warming up...long grinds 

 Kieth warms up in the little guy...


 Peyton warming up

 Peyton's got the rad tricks, lanky bastard 

 Pat chilling out in the shade 

 Be on the lookout on for videos and pics from Pat!

 Dodging scooters for no comply 50's 


 Ollie up to smith bash

 Jaeson FS Air 

 Up from the deep to FS Air on to the extension 

 Peyton grinds some rocks 

 Jaeson ollie...

 Another one...

 Roll in on the hip extension 

 Smith grind on the extended hip...

 Well he got me on this one...

FS Boneless in so gnar on this 


 Then before we hit the road Jaeson got what im sure is an NBD, gap from bowl to bowl. 

 We then hit the road to come back home and hopefully catch the golden hour session at Buena, We drove through some crazy smoke patches from a fire outside of Salida, it made for some crazy photo's...

 We got to Buena just in time... Jaeson hits the ollie on the vert wall...

 The session was super fun, it ended it well

 even after the sun went down Peyton and Jaeson were still getting tricks, Peyton fastplant

Jaeson Boneless

The trip was a killer time as always, be on the lookout for more photos on Carleigh's blog, Jacks blog, and Pats site, (all have links above) and also some photos coming in Toiletwater zine coming soon.
Thanks for viewing my photos as always!