Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some Saturday Fun

 We went down to Denver for Jaeson's Birthday and the One Gathering event at Denver, after dodging through people and getting rained out we decided it was time for something new, Jack has recently finished up this thing on his side yard, it is so friggin fun! 

 Xavier started off in the trees...

 Thats a little more like it 

 Sivan FS Smith
 Jack FS Air 

 Another angle, that vert wall is no joke, that two foot of vert comes quicker than you think 

 Kieth powering his way over the channel 

 We then went down the block to the new baby Arvada park, Xavier feeble to fakie 

 Killing the bail shots 

 BS Melon 

 Kieth BS Air 

 FS Crail

 Fucking Bill straight killed with the pbr bean plant to fakie 

 Mike on clean up duty 

 Oh ya and the birthday boy! 

 Pivot to fakie 

 Xavier blasting airs 

 Jaeson crail to tail 

 Indy and Bill 

We went to big arvada afterwards, had an amazing session there and went home, another Saturday of fun

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