Sunday, July 21, 2013


 Started the day off at Water Way, I met Wrex, Kim and Adam there too start it off, then Christian came up from Tulsa with his son and lady for the FTC tour, along with tons of other people. It was hard to take photos but I managed to get some....
Wrex was killing everything he touched, Fs Air 

 Dana learned FS feebles on the brick pocket...

 Christian got the feeble, and the feeble to fakie!!!

 Dana Back D

 Largest session Water Way has seen in a while...

 Wrex Backside Air 

 Another angle, best bs airs ive ever seen...

 Dana Ollie

 Dana and Sivan Doubles 

 Mason is Christian's kid, 11 years old and charging skate style and attitude! Stoked that the Albright's are moving up to Colorado soon! 

 Dana Maddona 

 Wrex Lien to tail 

 Next was the pipes...

 After some La Luz it was time for some Pool, Wrex Bs Air 

 Wrex Invert 1

 Wrex Invert 2

 Peyton Bs Smith (this was in a doubles with Sivan)

 Dana FS Tail 

Sivan Bs Melon 

Launch was next and then Northside, no photos from there just good times

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