Friday, July 26, 2013

Rain Dodging...SUCCESS!

 Started the day getting rained out, Andy always rules though and let us skate for a bit, thanks man! 
Jaeson put ghetto rigged this bench and killed it! 5-0


 We then tested our luck down south to see if the rain would stop, and it did, but not for this FS Air Dana did...

 This thing.. Dana Crushed it, FS air

 Jaeson tweaking a BS Indy 

 Dana Stalefish 

 Another angle..

 Jaeson Melon

 Dana FS Nose 

 Jaeson learned this trick and was so stoked, 180 nosegrind to switch out, so smooth! 

 Hayden Gap over to Lip

 Next was Lafayette... Jaeson 50 through the tightness..


 Woah wait a minute...

 Oh no..

 Jaeson Ollie 

 This was fucked, he ollied over the peak to smith bash.. the photo does NO justice...

 Dana BS Boneless..

 Might be the gnarliest thing ive seen in person, Back Tailslide 

 Jaeson Ollie from the hip to Smith through the pocket...

 Northglenn was next, Dana Stalefish 

 Jaeson Lien Melon 

 Peyton Fastplant! 

Broomfield was next under the lights, another killer day in Colorado!

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