Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another fun day in paradise

 Started it off in Northglenn, Jaeson Bs Air off the hip 

 Chacho Front D

 Front Smith

 Jaeson Body Jar Disaster 

 Mudgett is in town for a few weeks! Blasting ollie's as usual, Mini arvada 

 Another one 

 Blunt Fakie

 always great skating with Skelly! Boardslide over the seat 

 Mike layback Boardslide 

 Then Jaeson decided to get his street on..

 this thing was huge, he had to curve in all weird between a parking block and a bush then fly over these rocks into the shitty asphalt, it served him many times for sure

Then he got it! and ended it ended up that he wallied off the curb... 

This will probably be the last post with my Nikon d50, it treated me well but a new camera is being purchased this week, let the filming begin for the full length MRKT video, plus other fun things!

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