Friday, November 21, 2014

Its Been A Little While

 Sivan Pivot's and close encounters 

 Been holding on to this one since Summer, Tsedeq had a birthday recently so I thought share it then. Oooopin a fs air in the pipe almost seems impossible..not for this guy..

 These next three photos were all shot in one hour between filming for the Breck montage. Jaeson was on fire if you haven't seen the edit yet.. check it out at 
Bs boneless off the floating extension. 

 Sal flip to tail 

 Jaeson fs nosegrind pull in over the long love seat 

 Tommy has been ruling it lately. Wallride crail to fakie 

 Tsedeq's trick roster gets bigger and bigger everytime i get the chance to ride with him. Judo goodbuddy? Dogpiss Goodbuddy?? Fuck if I know hes just a Good Buddy over all

 Sivan bs tailblock 

 Hayden snapping and Steeeeee'n!

 Dana is now part of the NIB family. So stoked for this kid lately, keeping a good attitude while slaying everything in his path. Eggplants have been his go to lately i feel like..

 Nutter stacked this day, this being just something we drove by. Fs Noseslide 

 Dana is a good buddy too

 Jaeson fastplant high to low

 Layback bs smith into the fire

 Massive boneless

 I recently got back from an epic surprise 5 day trip to Oregon for Tsedeq's birthday. Tons of great skating and memories went down and I can't thank Tsedeq's awesome girlfriend enough for what she did to make that trip happen! Be on the lookout in the December issue of Bailgun Magazine for a full article and photo's from the trip! Here's a few to share until then..

 Multhomah Falls

 Kyle fs wallride at the Adidas Village underground plair lair 

 Joey took us to the cuttiest fullpipe I have set wheels in..

 Jaeson over the hip to Nosegrind at Blake's Bowl Boise, Id


 All summer I have been hearing about the Dave Chihluy Exhibit at the Denver Botanical's. Got to see it with great company before it gets taken down! Thanks Darian ;)

 Blown Glass..yup all of it

Sorry for the lack of post't lately for those that still look at the thing.
More new stuff to come soon! 

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