Saturday, November 22, 2014

5 Day Black and White Photo Challenge

 One reason why I enjoy Instagram as a social media outlet is fun things like this can pop up. Coburn Huff recently nominated me to take the plunge at the 5 day Black and White photo challenge, one old or new black and white photo a day for 5 days, then I got to choose 5 other photographers to do the same. For me black and white tells a certain kind of story that color can't, it's the mood it sets and the way the photo gets delivered that makes Black and White so fun for me. 
Photo number one above was shot on an early Denver morning when the sun was just rising, Peyton and I skated these tubes and had a killer time doing it. Skate new's good for you.. 
 Photo number 2 was shot this past summer, Dana had just learned these Lein Melon's and was blasting them so proper. Kid amazes me day by day.

 Photo number 3 has got to be my favorite of the series.. this one was shot during a pour at the Loveland Skatepark this past summer, Joe, Chris, and John shaping the Tree obstacle. This photo is just powerful, and it brings me back to being right there next to these guys for this awesome project. 

 Photo number 4, this past summer was an epic one for camping, but this camping trip will always stick out in my mind, waking up a 5AM with you're homies and hiking into a giant fullpipe will just always gonna be glued into my mind. This campsite was just perfect, mountains, water, tall tree's, and a fullpipe, less than a mile away... Leadville, Co

I felt like I should go out and shoot a new up to date photo for Photo number 5. Dana's trick bag is like a kids candy bag on Halloween, it just keeps growing bugger and bigger. Slob Pisser?? I guess that's what you can call this one, pretty cool name if you ask me. 
Thanks for nominating me Coburn, this was fun and im stoked to see everyone else's black and white captures. CHEERS. FTCKILLS 

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