Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 Geoff adding his own variation to the broken box in Krumbling 

 Jaeson boneless after ducking under the fence

 Out of the deep to bs boneless back in. Dana


 Picking his nose in Longmont

 Inverts with Dana

 Jaeson high to low boneless, one of the best looking ones ive ever seen him put down

 Tsedeq Eggplant for bfast

 Van wraps one up on the Ragdoll

 Greg had to sweep Van's crumbs

 Whiskey Tee..the best

 Joe Fro, Lance, and Skelly

 This photo was hard, didnt turn out the way it should have, Greg foot bonk wallride fakie

 He was also blasting the wall


 Greg Back Disaster

 Sivan cali grinds while flirting with rebar

 Even after 17 yards of concrete Lance has time for a stylish Layback

 Then back to work the next day...

It is what it is.

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