Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some Random Photo's From The Last Few Months

 Getting bugged out in Steamboat with NIB


 Blair Witch Camping

 Dana Indy Blaster

 Tsedeq's fancy grip

 Joe Car Livin'

 Jaeson is a sweet heart..

 This place

 Switch Blunt Kenny

 Dana lurk 

 Jack after a long day of shooting shot crete

 Sunflowers under the moonlight

 Sivan and Chris

 For The Cheeys's

 Tsedeq fs crooks

 Tsedeq frontside ollie 

 Nutter and Drool kid

 Three amigo's

 Hot days call for this


 Jaeson finds the lines

 Water boy

 Kyle lien smith bash 

 Tud fasplannt fakie

 Car bongin

 Crasians and guns..shit


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