Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 2 Ten and Two

 Woke up on Jessie's Property after a very plush night sleep, ready for John's pool and Buena!

 Johns session was a very quick and fun one, so good I didn't even take a photo.
Albright crushing a monty in Buena Vista

 Joe leaped up on this rock a couple times. 

 Next we hit the road for the country's (and maybe even the worlds) highest skate park.

 Jaeson crushed this place, pivot fakie 

 Well our original plan was to dip out after the Leadville park, but we could't resist to stay with the homies one more night for the dawn patrol mission.

 Joe and Albight getting the fire roaring 

 Don't know how i got this weird color at the top of this photo, but it turned out cool

Then it was time to hit the sack and get ready for the dawn patrol mission of a lifetime.

Final Day will be posted tomorrow.

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