Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July.. Day 1 of the Ten and Two Weekend

 Storm and I started the trip off with a little pit stop at the new Loveland park that Team Pain is busting there ass's building. This snake run is insane looking! 

 The pool... oh man the pool...

 Snake Run from the other end...

 We arrived in Fairplay met up with the Albright at the park and trecking up the hills to Dana's bowl. Unique is the only way I can describe this place. 

 Good crew of people up there, Zach was ripping of course

 Storm Invert 

 Peyton is so fucking lanky he can plant his foot on the flat bottom for a no comply crail in the shallow

 Coose gettin' loose

 Albright pushing a smith through the buttery deep

 The Dabbin' Cabbin 

 Chilling by the fire

 After a little rain we set up camp and went to the park, Storm after the Storm, bs smith on the over vert. 

 Jaeson was airing from the hip into the deep

 The glare bummed me out, but i wasnt gonna make him do it again, low to high Fs Disaster

 We pulled up to Jessie's house right as the fireworks started and had front row seats! So Prime! Thanks for the awesome hospitality John, Dana, and Jessie!

Day one was insane, what a way to start a trip! not knowing it was only gonna get better every minute from here on out!

Day 2 Coming Soon

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