Thursday, January 16, 2014


 After being sick for a week and all this amn wind I finally got to get out for a super fun session with the homies!
Tsedeq learned slob plants and then took it from the jersey to the pocket

 Xavier blasting a stalefish like hes on a vert ramp

 Tsedeq broke a bearing and lost a wheel, why not just do a three wheeled feeble to fakie...

 Board to the lens! haha always interesting 

 Got off work to a very sick session at Sean's, with new coping! 

 Dana's first time there and he was killing it!
Bs Tailblock 

 ChaCho feels out the new bricks with a crail 

 Behnke is good at multi-tasking 

 Blunt fakie from Dana to end it


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