Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Albuquerque (Day 2)

 Good Morning... Woke up with an epic crew at Palmer's House, This is Pool is a real swimmer and it's as real as it gets! 

 Tsedeq Fs Air at 8 in the morning before breakfast 

 Palmer is the man!!! Thanks for the killer hospitality! Fs D

 Dewey Fs Crail! 

 Killer crew 

 Lee Fs Rock 

 Next after a 3 hour session at Palmer's was the 3 mile ditch, This thing has all sorts off curbs, rocks, and hips, not to mention its fast as shit!

 After parting ways with the Denver homies we went on our own mission, Concussion ditch is my favorite one to ride, its really fast and gives you a hell of a scare when you have to dodge these gates! 

 Once you get a mile or so down theres an epic hip to skate! Skelly takes this Fs Ollie with some speed! 

 Tumble-weeds are everywhere, Tsedeq found a way around it.

This day was so long, we went to the Alamosa park under the lights for a while, then it was rest time. Day 3 just got that much better. Stay tuned for photo's.

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