Friday, March 14, 2014

Long Day of FUN

 Headed out early, good crew in Lee's car, time to skate

 We passed through Denver and went all the way to Parker...

 Dana was hyped on this park, Fs Air 

 This was fun to mess with...

 Sivan Bs Disaster 

 Dana Fs Boneless

 Dana lifestyle

 Sivan king of lifestyle 

 Kat fucking kills it! Only been riding for 8 months and blasting boneless's! 

 We then went from Parker to Roxbourough, where we had a KILLER session, then from there we ended up here at Golden Hour, Sivan Bs Tail

 Dana Crail 270

 Fs Feeble

 Fs Crail

20th street ended our skating for the day, then we smashed hot dogs and chicken and went home. 15 hours on the road killed it

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