Monday, October 21, 2013

A Weekend Away From The Fort

 We went down south for the weekend for one main cause. SLAPPY SECONDS. But we got some other awesome skating in as well! Wrex Lein to tail Broomfield

 It was a bummer Xavier couldn't make it out to Cali with his brother, but atleast he came with us for the weekend and killed everything in his path! Boneless 

 This weekend's mission was also focused on finishing Sivan's full online part, which we did! Be on the look out in the next week or so! 

 Best Bs Airs in the Biz, Wrex Lafayette 

 Jerry's ramp was next...

 Xavier got the bs tailblock! So gnarly!

 Then we made our way downtown for gourmet hot dogs and some cold dpark action

 My one quick attempt of a long exposure downtown

Then we made our way back to Jerry's for a great nights sleep for Slappy Seconds, which i didnt take one photo of the event! That means i was having fun right!? haha thanks to Tim and Ash and everyone that helped make Slappy Seconds happen! and thanks Jerry for the awesome hospitality! All you have to do is drive one hour for a weekend of non stop shredding and good times!

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